Baby Boomers migrating in & out of NYC


May 17, 2016 – Parry Properties of Keller Williams NYC realty appeared in’s article about an interesting housing trend. (Please see link to article below.)

How many people today are looking for a better balance in life? Where they have more time to smell the roses, let’s say at Brooklyn Botanical Garden, rather than tend to the roses (& thorns) in their own garden? This is what some of our clients, who happen to be baby boomers, yearn to achieve. And so they are scaling back on size and physical maintenance from the suburbs and moving back into the city which, for some, was where they began their career.

It is a common perception that apartment maintenance costs in NYC are expensive but oftentimes when you make the big apple-to-orange comparison, it turns out house maintenance can be a lot more expensive. Also, as a shareholder/owner in an urban dwelling, you have staff and management to coordinate the physical labor.

There is nothing that quite compares to the liberating shedding experience; going from the horror vacui suburban existence of lost objets in the basement, attic and garage to the fabulous realization that you have no choice but to become a minimalist as your NYC storage cage is sized 2 x 4!

Parry Properties serves sellers equally to homebuyers.  Our Manhattan resident sellers who have lived in NYC as a primary residence, have built up equity, and now desire to realize their piece of the Big Apple’s great real estate appreciation, thereby reducing their cost-of-living and moving out of state. The states most people are retiring to these days include North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, South Dakota, Colorado, Nevada, and Oregon. 55 and older communities are the perfect pick for boomers who don’t know how to cut grass, but love the smell and feel of it.

Our seller clients use our extensive brokerage community connections by having us connect them with the right buyer’s agent to help them discover a new home state. We attend the winter and summer conventions offered by our broker Keller Williams, which has over 100,000 agents worldwide.

If you, or someone you know, would like a complimentary consultation please contact us via phone or email. cell 646-627-5501 or email: (We also help investors and owners market and rent their condo, coop or condop units for rent or sublet.) Thank you!

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